Three months from 9/23!

Today is June 23, 2017. It is three months exactly until the Revelation 12 sign on 9/23, which is gaining more and more attention around the world from believers and debunkers and those in between.

Living the Mystery

The urgency I've written about has become a bit quieter, more like a rhythm or undulating sense of imminent birth. Night has awakened to me. Like a secret time for keeping watch and holding vigil for what is to come. 

The End of the Night

From then on my lips bit themselves into hesitation and I saved boldness for my eyeliner or my lipstick. I became Queen of Second-Guessing, and You Don't Want to Know What I Think Anyway.

Verbal awkwardness was born. I grew shy. When I felt the need to share something important, the words had to be forced out of me and most of the time, it didn't go well.

Daylight of the Soul

What is this light? What is this terrible burning? I am really struggling with my words. A couple months ago I went through a profound spiritual awakening that has hijacked my life and left me not even wanting to pick up the pieces of all the former things that remain.

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