Wise Woman: Susan Tuttle

Susan both entrances and enchants as she manifests beauty with the skill of a magician.

It is a gift to be in her world, because the way she embraces life, lives her art, and weaves language into glimmering tapestries feels like stepping through a veil, through a portal, into transcendence. 

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Why knowing yourself is essential to a meaningful, soul-led life

There is a profound reason you were born. Something wants to emerge into this world that can only come through you. Something wants to be born that can only exist in you, through you, and as you.

Essentially, you exist as two lives: the life that is in your blood—the body that drinks water and sticks her arms through soft sweaters and hugs her babies tight. And the life that is in your soul—the uncontainable you, the true of you—who you are within and without the body that holds you. You are life unto life. Your soul ensures that life will go on.

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