The End of the Night

From then on my lips bit themselves into hesitation and I saved boldness for my eyeliner or my lipstick. I became Queen of Second-Guessing, and You Don't Want to Know What I Think Anyway.

Verbal awkwardness was born. I grew shy. When I felt the need to share something important, the words had to be forced out of me and most of the time, it didn't go well.

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Daylight of the Soul

What is this light? What is this terrible burning? I am really struggling with my words. A couple months ago I went through a profound spiritual awakening that has hijacked my life and left me not even wanting to pick up the pieces of all the former things that remain.

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What are you trading your life for?

As I share in my beloved Dear Artist class, I have an unshakeable sense of urgency about life. As time goes by and life happens, both the pretty parts and the grief parts, this only intensifies to a point where I feel wildly compelled, pulled, called by something outside myself. John O'Donohue, my favorite mystical poet-preacher, calls this the urgency of the Eternal. One night, in the midst of my tearful hours, I went to sleep with a burning question in my heart: What am I trading my health for? What am I trading my time for? What am I trading my life for?

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Hillary Rain