All Art Involves Risk

All art involves risk

I'm looking ahead to 2017 and how I want to show up, how I want to invite you into my world, how I want to bring my world to you. And everywhere I turn I keep hearing messages saying you gotta get out of your comfort zone.

Here are the truths I'm holding:

I have created some incredible, life-altering programs and services. 

And I don't want to be obnoxious with how I offer them. 

I refuse to use disingenuous scarcity tactics or FOMO. I don't want to bribe you...“do this and I'll give you that!” I want you to feel honored and respected as a wise guest and friend of my inbox, my website, my Instagram, and everywhere I am online. I want you to make empowered decisions with how you invest your resources (and I trust you to make the best choices for yourself). I want you here because you want to be here, not because you were subtly coerced through passive-aggressive protocols.

I want to be of deep service, whether by simply sharing the vulnerable truths of my business and life via my letters to you or on my blog, through sharing what I find beautiful, or walking with you one-on-one through a dark night of the soul.

So how do I let you know what I have made for you? How do I invite you into the experience? How do I stay present and continue reminding you that you were meant to embody a healed, whole, meaningful, fulfilled and empowered life, and that I can help you get there?

I keep a Truthbomb by Danielle LaPorte where I can see it everyday. In familiar, comforting ink, it says, All art involves risk. 

What have I risked today?

No, seriously. What have I risked today? Where have I been brave in sharing what I've created? How have I showed up with unapologetic sincerity? Life coach Susan Hyatt uses a phrase I've latched onto: courageous action.

Where have I taken courageous action today?

Where have you taken courageous action today?

This is what I want you to know: for deep feelers, introverts and empaths like us, showing up with our medicine will never not feel vulnerable.

When your work is meaningful, it will be rooted in the pulsing tenderness of your heart. It's tender because it is true. But, beloved, this is where your power is—nestled between your truth and your tenderness. This is where your gifts are born. Dwell in this place and you will do compelling, transcendent work.

Your power comes from your truth and your tenderness.


So here is my truth, my tenderness, and my soul's invitation to you...

—Experience Dear Artist.— 

Let me help you root into your tender truth. .

Imagine if you could...

  • Heal the scarcity, self-sabotage and shame that attacks you whenever you begin something meaningful
  • Become the boss of your own fear
  • Never be stuck, bored, uninspired or overwhelmed again
  • Use the moon to become intimate with your energy, and create rhythms & rituals that help you actually achieve the results you long for, for REAL
  • Expand your resources—time, energy, motivation, inspiration, creativity—so you never feel depleted again
  • Identify and heal the deep beliefs that hold you back from the empowered life you long for
  • Clear the emotional and physical clutter that keeps you tripping up—literally—so you can move forward with intention and grace
  • Experience the sweet pleasure of a fulfilling life—a life that is a work of art

It's time to say NO—

  • No to stuckness.
  • No to perpetual overwhelm.
  • NO to self-sabotage.
  • No to standing on the outside of the beautiful, meaningful life you long for. 
  • No to going through the motions living someone else's hopes, dreams, or expectations.
  • No to putting your life purpose on hold because you don't have the money, the time, the space or the support.
  • No to betraying your soul.
  • No to ONE MORE DAY of not living from your heart.

Because when you say no to what does not bring you life, you are free to say Yaaas!! to what does.

Dear Artist is a revolutionary self-directed program that helps you get unstuck from whatever holds you back from the meaningful life you long for—because your life is your work of art.