All the Ways to Save the World

Beloved, I need you.

Reading through newsfeeds leaves me feeling punched in the gut. I see heartache upon heartache. I feel it, with every cell of this deeply empathic body. It's easy to feel lost, overwhelmed, and helpless at all the pain in this world.

But I'm choosing to look another way and to see something different....

  • I see coaches teaching people how to write, how to use their words to transform, persuade, heal, and motivate.
  • I see light workers using their divine gifts to send floods of compassion into a cracked and bleeding world.
  • I see mothers raising their children with love, teaching compassion, justice, and equality, using this time to instill into future generations the soul-medicines we so desperately need.
  • I see those with influence lighting fires in the hearts of others who will do good work.
  • I see baristas carefully crafting a warm beverage that is more an experience than a drink, and through this experience creating a space for contemplation where healing seeds of inspiration can germinate into lasting, effective transformational change.
  • I see sandwich makers layering nourishment upon nourishment between hearty slices of bread so that someone is sustained and replenished so they can return to their mission with strength and joy.
  • I see bloggers sharing glimpses of their everyday lives and building community which gives them connection, courage and hope—the breath in the lungs of those who are inspired to cultivate that kind of spirit in “real life.” 
  • I see poets and musicians and actors living their dreams and in doing so, providing just a bit of relief to a sagging world. 
  • I see sparkling portals of laughter. I see the fierce spirit of those determined to live in a land of justice, equality, and freedom. I see the steadfast resolve of those quietly doing good works without seeking accolades and praise. I see people doing the best they can, giving what they've got, staying hopeful against a vast sea of hopelessness. I see gatherings ignited by the righteous anger of those crying out for justice. I see fervor and faith and the buoyant spirit of the uncrushable ones.

We all need each other.

We all have a place.

We all have purpose.

We all have voice.

We all have our own unique gifts and the ability to use those gifts for the greatest good. Let us celebrate and support these diverse gifts among each other. When we see others with passions not aligned with our own, let us bless them because we don't know the whole story. Let us pour ourselves into what we believe in and let us not fight shame with shame. Shame does not foster true and lasting change. You cannot shame, condemn, criticize, or patronize someone into love. 

Only love creates love.

Let us be a people of love—men and women committed to celebrating the light within us and the divine passions we have, because we are each uniquely placed in life

Let us love by example. May our light shine and may it strengthen the seeds of light which may lie dormant in the heart of another. May we be light when others only see darkness. May we not strike a soul when it is down. May we look for new ways to understand and go where we are needed most. Let us not engulf one another with our fires but may our fire kindle a healing flame so that another is given warmth, light, and energy for the path ahead. May we be warm swells of compassion. May we be bringers of peace. May we use our energy for healing splintered trust, proclaiming truth, and touching those who are angry, hurt, bitter, and haunted with the healing salve of grace.

Mothers and fathers, thank you for raising children who love, respect and honor all life.

Spiritual teachers, thank you for proclaiming compassion, justice, and mercy.

Healers, thank you for placing a tender hand on the aching pulse of the world

Writers, thank you for using your words to strengthen weary hearts so that we may rise, yet again, another day.

Coaches, thank you for sharing your gifts to teach and inspire so that the ones you influence may go forth with passion and purpose, wiser, stronger, awake and alive.

Doers, thank you for being feet on the ground, hands in the dirt, your passion-filled lungs proclaiming your truth and changing the world.

Beauty-makers and soulful creators, thank you for allowing your art to be a channel for the divine to remind us of something more, something bigger, something beyond ourselves, and for the joy, bliss, and hope you offer through your work to be a symbolic talisman of what is possible for all.

Artists, thank you for your resiliency, for sharing your stories and making us deeply reflect on our lives, for being the alchemists who take the harshest elements and bring forth life.

May we celebrate the gifts and callings in each of us in this diverse world. May we know that when we fully own our truth, our purpose, and our voices, we give others permission to own theirs and together we create what we desperately need most.

Love upon love,
Hillary Rain

Hillary Rain