Dear Artist: The Secret Life of Transcendence

Today I want to ask you something I love. I love this because it is open, expansive, full of dreams-coming-true possibilities...

What happens when a writer writes?
What happens when a maker makes?
What happens when a woman lives her soul's creative purpose?

Oh, the unbearable beautiful light of this!

LIFE happens.

For an artist, creation is life.

Beauty, self-expression and creative pleasure are my gateways to life, my portals to the Divine. To exquisite transcendence, which is the alchemy that brings something out of nothing, which makes something new where there was nothing before. It makes a third, liminal thing, permeable, incandescent, grace.

All is grace.

The grace of then and now. The grace of endless possibilities. The grace of luminous connection to the Wild One of Creation. The grace of transcendence.

The transcendence of move, to lift the spirit, to evoke, to heal.

The transcendence of respond, to receive, to lift the voice, to summon from darkened depths light holy and unimaginable. To work the bones, the threads in the palms, the heart, the desire, the innovation, the intuition, the brave—and bring forth something of the soul.

The transcendence of creative behold and to say, this is good. This is meaningful. This is holy. To thrive in fulfillment, to know the joy of creation, to taste the sweet fruit of sacrifice, of pouring in and pouring out, of emptying to be made full.

To be made by the thing you made.

Beautiful wild one, when was the last time you felt creative pleasure? What did you make? Why did it bring you joy? Do you feel it consistently? If not, why is that? What needs to change in order to invite the transcendent alchemy of beauty, self-expression, and creative pleasure in your life?