I Am The Imperfect Boss

I am the Imperfect Boss.jpg

My heart was pounding when I sat down to record this today. And I cried when I finished. 

I am participating in the sweet Ashley Beaudin's The Imperfect Boss movement, which she created to shatter the myth of perfectionism that we see online, especially within the creative entrepreneur world.

TheImperfectBoss.com is for bosses willing to "shake up the creative industry with our vulnerability." 

Oh, yes, babe. 

I can do vulnerable. I can do confessions.

As an artist, a former makeup artist, a designer, photographer and woman who has turned down extraordinary collaborations because secretly I felt too fat, (!) I know the power that image, branding and marketing holds within the creative online world. We set unreachable standards for our businesses and ourselves, and spend our offline lives doing penance for not measuring up. So this confession is more of an experience than a confession.

My heart was pounding when I created this today. And I cried afterwards, because becoming bare is so much more than wiping off the bronzer that makes you look like you don't have triple chins, or removing the eyeliner that makes your eyes pop so you hope know one notices your Rosacea or awful hair. It's showing up and asking, am I still good enough? Will you still have me? Will *I* still have me? 

This video is unedited, unfiltered, pure imperfection. You can see the fast-forward version, along with other boss confessions, on Instagram under the hashtag #theimperfectboss & under my own account at instagram.com/hillaryrain.co.