Wise Woman: Alisha Sommer

This is a September series in honor of the women who have lent their wisdom to my course Dear Artist—Design a Meaningful + Creative Life You Love.

Alisha Sommer. AlishaSommer.com

Alisha Sommer. AlishaSommer.com

Alisha Sommer is a wise woman I'm in soul-love with. Between her strong and tender heart, transcendent writing, and otherworldly photography, her art creates a world that I'm both nourished by and blessed to witness and share with you. We both have a love of beauty that drives us to create and live the way we do—embodying what moves us and causes breath to rise and fall within us.

Whether she is sifting flour for bread, touring the story-ridden crevices of her beloved New Orleans or sharing weep-worthy words on Instagram, Alisha offers regal grace through her presence. She embodies beauty as a way of life, which is what Dear Artist is all about—having the presence to notice the way light falls across the floor and pick up your camera then and there, not waiting until a day six weeks in the future set aside for creative pursuits. The best art, the most alive art, the most moving art is found right here, quiet, alive, dwelling alongside us all the time. It is about cultivating the presence and awareness to notice. 

Alisha has created an evocative life doing just this and freely shares her wisdom with us in Dear Artist. We held a powerful conversation about how to make art a way of life, weaving it into and through the threads and ribs of our days. I hope you will join us for this revolutionary five-week program! Class orientation begins September 30th and daily content begins Monday, October 3. If you prefer to go at your own pace, the self-guided version will be available November 6, 2016. Read more and register at DearArtist.co.

Rise—a poetic revolution

If you are in the Chicago area or are able to attend, Alisha is co-facilitating a one-day retreat on September 24th. She writes, “In this day-long workshop, we'll artfully tend to peeling back the layers of the place that beats; we'll slow time & settle into an intimate dialogue with the holiness of poetic engagement & honor space for creation.” 

Read more & register for Rise here.

Alisha Sommer is a writer, photographer, and seeker of Beauty, Truth & Light.

Alisha writes, “I have a gift for holding sacred space, for deep listening, and for seeing the ordinary in extraordinary ways. I love the feeling of heat in my hands, the weight of linen across my body, the warmth of knotty pine beneath my feet. If I could be anything and do anything, it would be exactly what I'm doing now: Being a wife and a mother of 3 living out her creative journey–but maybe with a view of a vineyard from the kitchen window. I'm interested in exploring the depth of motherhood, creativity, food & wine, literature & writing, and all things beautiful.”

Connect with Alisha on her website, on Instagram, and enjoy her poetic offerings liberated lines & Rise.