Wise Woman: Anna Lovind

This is a September series in honor of the women who have lent their wisdom to my course Dear Artist—Design a Meaningful + Creative Life You Love.

Anna Lovind, TheCreativeDoer.com

Anna Lovind, TheCreativeDoer.com


Anna is a rare soul filled with ancient wisdom, strength and tenderness. I originally connected with her when I was working for Carrie-Anne Moss on Annapurna Living, and I am so grateful our paths crossed because this woman is gold.

When she first announced the launch of her course, The Creative Doer, a program to help dreamers become doers, my heart leaped. I told her how just that summer I had desperately googled that very thing—“how to go from dreaming to doing”—because I was so weary of dreaming up all of the wonderful things I wanted to accomplish and yet not actually realizing them. In her work Anna has created a resource that can enrich the life of every creative soul and ignite them to make their creative dreams come to life in powerful, concrete ways.

And her writing takes my breath away. She stirs the soul. Goes straight for the heart. It is exactly what I need to read, every time. It is a deep honor to welcome Anna to Dear Artist. In our conversation we discuss the importance of setting boundaries, which is imperative for anyone who longs to create what they are called to give birth to. Anna embodies both gentleness and fire because as a wife, mother, and creator, she knows how we can be overcome by the requirements of everyday life. She teaches us how to give a sacred no so we can then offer a sacred yes to the meaningful life we long for, and this is something you don't want to miss!

I hope you will join us for this revolutionary five-week program! Class orientation begins September 30th and daily content begins Monday, October 3. If you prefer to go at your own pace, the self-guided version will be available November 6, 2016. Read more and register at DearArtist.co.

The Creative Doer by Anna Lovind

Registration for The Creative Doer is open and the self-paced course begins on September 30th. To this already-stellar class Anna has added a new module called Money Magic which I am greatly looking forward to. Take a peek at her beautiful film below to learn more and visit TheCreativeDoer.com to register.

Anna Lovind is a writer, editor and mentor of creative dreamers.

She writes about what it takes to live a happy, sustainable creative life, and through her online course, The Creative Doer, she helps brilliant creatives of all disciplines to go from dreaming to doing. “When we’re done,” she writes, “you won’t be dreaming about that creative life anymore. You’ll be busy building it.”

Anna lives in an old log cabin on a mountainside, overlooking a lake, where she drinks countless cups of tea, tends her garden and her kids, and writes.

Connect with Anna on her website and on Instagram.