Wise Woman: Layla Saad

This is a September series in honor of the women who have lent their wisdom to my course Dear Artist—Design a Meaningful + Creative Life You Love.

Layla Saad. LaylaSaad.com

Layla Saad. LaylaSaad.com

“There's a phenomenon happening in the online business world that is doing a huge disservice to creative entrepreneurs who want success on their own terms.  I call it the rise of the '6 figure' business coaches, and it is the reason why so many women entrepreneurs are feeling self-doubt and frustration. Yes. I'm talking about the Fearless Girl Bosses who want you to Stop Playing Small, Be More Visible, Crush Your Competition, Overcome Your Money Blocks, Charge Your Worth and Hit. 6. Figures.”—Layla Saad, LaylaSaad.com

Layla Saad is a mystical and beautiful soul I discovered through an incredible article she wrote entitled “Why Those '6-Figure Business Coaches are Failing You.” 

As a creative entrepreneur myself who longs to create resonant and meaningful work—and who often grows disillusioned by the glamour promoted by many coaches and entrepreneurs online—Layla's work found a home in my heart. As I was planning my syllabus for Dear Artist I immediately thought of Layla, because so many of us long to not only enjoy meaningful creative lives, but to also create sustainable income through our work. As we see woman after woman revel in her online “success” and offer programs, courses and trainings about how YOU can, too, it's easy to be swept up in the promises. And some of them are genuine to the core and offer true value. But how does it look “in real life?” How can we be in alignment with our soul and design a life that brings contentment, rich meaning, and deep fulfillment? 

This is what we discuss in Dear Artist. It was such an honor to have a conversation with Layla about how we, as creative women, find ways to give ourselves permission to go for our dreams and creative callings—and to do so according to our own truths and the undulating flow of our lives.

I hope you will join us for this revolutionary five-week program! Class orientation begins September 30th and daily content begins Monday, October 3. If you prefer to go at your own pace, the self-guided version will be available November 6, 2016. Read more and register at DearArtist.co.

Layla Saad is a Women's Leadership & Business Coach and writer for soulful women entrepreneurs who want to change the world through their work.

Layla helps women entrepreneurs grow their businesses through an intuitive blend of strategy, soul and feminine power. Layla believes the world is calling for a rise of conscious feminine leaders to share their wisdom, their creativity and their healing. Her work is Deeply Feminine. Intuitively Strategic. And full of Soul.

Layla helps women entrepreneurs become the sovereign queens of their businesses and lives. Layla is also the founder of Wild Mystic Woman, a blog and virtual temple space for the exploration of spirituality, self-expression and feminine power. 

Connect with Layla online at LaylaSaad.com.