Wise Woman: Sarah La Rosa

This is a September series in honor of the women who have lent their wisdom to my course Dear Artist—Design a Meaningful + Creative Life You Love.

Sarah La Rosa, author of Her Strange Angels. SarahLaRosa.com

Sarah La Rosa, author of Her Strange Angels. SarahLaRosa.com

Years ago, through the magical labyrinth of the online world, I came across a powerful voice spilling deep truth on a site entitled Her Strange Angels.

Sarah's words gave shape and form to many of the thoughts and experiences I had yet to find language for. I devoured her archives and wept over so many of the treasures I discovered there, which then became deeply embedded into my own life. As a writer who feels things deeply and often struggles with finding syllables to hold and carry the truth I embody, the cadence of Sarah's poetic and mystical writing is medicine for me. “Stop writing what is beautiful and write what is true,” she declared, and I wrote what this meant to me on the Bohemian Collective in an article called Wild Beauty:

I have to believe that somewhere within the ugly cry, the ugly truth, the ugly mundane of everything lies magic that reveals itself when it's needed most. Perhaps this is the way of redemption. Perhaps it is a season. Perhaps this is the decay of fallen leaves and branches giving way to the dark, wet earth. Perhaps this is the alchemy of death—the mysterious way empty ground becomes a place seeds can thrust their tender roots into. And this requires a halting sort of faith that feels uncomfortably blind, at least for a conventional sort of sight. But one thing I do know: there are many ways to see.

So when Sarah said YES to my invitation to be part of Dear Artist, I was thrilled. As an author, a wife, and a mom who also works outside the home, Sarah knows what it's like to be an artist with a full life—and how to navigate her many callings with grace. In Dear Artist we talk about how she makes time to write and how we can keep our creative river free-flowing and clear. I can't wait to share our conversation with you.

I am also excited to let you know that she has written a book filled with beauty and truth called Her Strange Angels—a book of invocations, beauty words, and divine presence which is available now for pre-order and releases October 1st. Anyone who pre-orders will receive a signed copy AND receive a powerful free gift called Summoning Strange Angels—a 30-day pilgrimage to part the veil which begins with her book release on October 1st. This New Moon today also marks the launch of her new online sacred space which I've had the honor of cultivating with her, so please visit SarahLaRosa.com to celebrate with us!

This is my review of her stunning book: 

From an enchanting voice filled with ancient wisdom and refreshing truth comes a book of poemprayers sure to ravish the heart. This collection of mystical sermons both fires up the soul and drenches it in holy waters. Sarah La Rosa gathers, sings, weaves, nurtures, and proclaims the wild and holy ways of woman, of Spirit, of the heart. A riveting companion to one's spiritual practice and everyday rhythms, Her Strange Angels offers solace and fire to every soul found:wandering.

I'm also deeply honored to share that the weekly beauty meditations I have recorded for Dear Artist are all written by Sarah specifically for this course. I hope you will join us for this revolutionary five-week program! Class orientation begins September 30th and daily content begins Monday, October 3. If you prefer to go at your own pace, the self-guided version will be available November 6, 2016. Read more and register at DearArtist.co.

Sarah La Rosa is a writer, a mother, and a medicine woman of the soul.

Her deep passion is to bring healing love to the wounded and fearful heart through sacred poetry, meditations and soulfully honest conversation. Sarah believes that all women are called to circle with tribe, and have an inborn need to remember how to hear and respond to the call HOME. Her writing and healing work centers on the deep feminine wisdom that guides us back to our sacred center, our holy howl, our wild tribe.

Founder and keeper of the Her Strange Angels community, her first book, Her Strange Angels—a book of invocations, beauty words, and divine presence is available for pre-order on September 1. Sarah lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and son. You can find Sarah online at SarahLaRosa.com, Facebook, and Instagram.