Why hello, you beautiful soul.

My name is Hillary Rain and I am a writer, healer & artist. Through creativity, spirituality, and embodied healing arts, I help women live deeply fulfilling, meaningful & soul-led lives. Learn more about my work, one-on-one opportunities, creative programs, and upcoming events below!


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Dear Artist

Dear Artist is a revolutionary self-guided program that helps you design the creative life you long for. Get unstuck, create a sacred rebellion, and say YES to your wild aliveness.


It's me! 

I write programs and offer services that help women live empowered, creative, and fulfilling lives that are rooted in truth and tenderness. Stay tuned for some exciting new offerings!


Design with soul.

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Create an intuitive, sophisticated and beautiful website that makes you money...while you save yours.

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Just a few of the kind things others have said about working with me or experiencing my creative programs...



“Luscious Beauty. Evocative Truth. Sacred Artist. Holy Creatrix. These are the words that come to mind when I sink into the essence of Hillary Rain and her work. Everything Hillary creates feel sacred. Like she's birthed it from her soul. And being on the receiving end of her creations feels like receiving a true gift. Hillary's work connects me to the beauty that exists within me and all around me. She has helped me to reclaim myself as an artist and to bring art and beauty into all areas of my life, from my business, to my spiritual practice and my relationships. In her presence you feel both incredibly nurtured and lovingly challenged to go into the depths of yourself—both the light and the dark. Hillary is a soulful and creative person's inspiration.”



“I have grown creatively through this process of creating Annapurna Living ... this growth comes in a large part because of your support and mentorship. You have changed my life; you have held my hand and lifted me up as I have walked through the unknown door of my soul and creativity. Annapurna Living and your beauty-ness of all things kind and sacred have given me the biggest gift. I am grateful and humbled every day to work with you and to call you my friend.” 



“Connecting with Hillary came at a time in my life (and business) that I was looking for spiritual guidance to live a deeper, more meaningful, creative, and feminine life. I was in need of someone to help me understand my own story better, that would help me to show up fully in the world, so that I could enjoy my life and work without fears, doubts, or guilt. And that is exactly what I got out of my time with Hillary. I came to our session without really knowing what to expect, but with a lot of questions and uncertainties. Hillary created a beautiful space for me, and worked as a guiding light to help me find more clarity, and see things from a different perspective. I absolutely loved the peacefulness that she created for me, and I felt understood, and loved. After our session Hillary send me a workbook, and a summary of what we had talked about with some additional prompts, and activities. This helped me to get going and really made a difference. I loved everything about it. Thank you Hillary!”

Hillary Rain 2017

Hey, curvy girl. I see you. I know what it's like to be a plus-size woman. 

And I also know that you can't shame yourself into health, peace or love. Let me help you begin a peaceful relationship with your body now—before you lose those 50 pounds. 


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