Dear Artist is a sacred rebellion for a beautiful life that matters. And you can do it in your pajamas.

Dear Artist by Hillary Rain
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This is the self-guided version ONLY. 




Whether you need healing, reinvention, or to simply embody, love, and be loved by your life, creativity is an energy with the profound power to stir up beautiful change in your life. Art is a catalyst for transformation. Let's cultivate this power with intention so you can live the life you long for.

In Dear Artist you will nurture your creative life through intentional practices that add depth and invite your soul into your everyday. Whether you are an artist by trade or someone who desires a more creative approach to life, Dear Artist will open the door to a whole new way of seeing & being that will transform everything.

It is a sacred rebellion against mediocrity. Against futility. Against perpetual overwhelm, stuckness and status quo...because, dear artist, you and your gorgeous ways are needed in this world.

You doing you is sacred work.
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