Want a designer website, but don't have designer cash?


Beautiful Squarespace Template by Hillary Rain

Introducing DIY Design: a Squarespace web design course & a beautiful custom template.
And my hand to hold.

Okay, well—maybe not my actual hand, but you will feel just as confident because I've  packaged up all of my design secrets in a step-by-step DIY program for anyone new to Squarespace, technologically challenged, or who just wants a great design. 

Get a designer look for a DIY price.™


As a web designer for creative entrepreneurs, artists, and boss babes like you, I design beautiful, modern websites that inspire your readers to buy, share, and subscribe. 

Hi! I'm Hillary Rain. With my DIY Design course you'll receive step-by-step guidance to create a modern & customized designer website on Squarespace that is perfect for your lifestyle brand, online course, eBooks, photography, shop and more.


Limited Time Bonus! $300+ value!

Get a 1-hr. comprehensive design consultation with me
before you go live!

When you purchase DIY Design you will also receive a one-hour designer consultation with me to be used just prior to your website launch. I will go over your newly-built site page-by-page with you, make valuable suggestions & answer your questions so you can feel confident and excited to launch your new site!

• Must be used within 30 days of purchase. • 


Create an intuitive, sophisticated and beautiful website that makes you money...while you save yours!

DIY Design is a self-directed digital program that guides you step-by-step through building your very own sophisticated, powerful website using my custom Squarespace template. 

As a Squarespace web designer, creating a one-on-one custom web design for my clients *starts* at $1500 for a simple personal site and $3500 for a sophisticated design intended for more.

You can have my powerful custom design AND the tools & know-how to build it for a fraction of the cost! 

How to create a custom web design on Squarespace using DIY Design, a powerful step-by-step course and template created by Hillary Rain.

In DIY Design you will learn...

...how to install and use custom fonts in Squarespace, and get all of my swipe code that you can literally copy & paste

...how to create a page, add images & video, edit your page settings, style full-width banners, and use SEO (search engine optimization)

...how to resize & optimize your images for the web, style them for brand consistency, and where to get them in the first place

...how set up your website landing page, your navigation, add a favicon, meta tags & a mailing list form

...how to add unique custom elements using CSS, create a banner slideshow, add photo galleries, polish up your pages & prep for launch

...about connecting your custom domain & domain-based email address, and set up your website landing page, your navigation, add a favicon, meta tags & a mailing list form

This program features step-by-step tutorials & photos so you know exactly how to do all of this...and more!


 Get a designer look for a DIY price.™

DIY Design: Abundance is my own website shared in 149 digital pages of how-tos, swipe code (that you can *literally* copy & paste), and step-by-step tutorials so you can build and launch a designer website on Squarespace. 

I've created this specifically for the technologically challenged. It takes you step-by-step through the design process and explains everything so you can create a website that is like mine, but with your images and your content. Even if you're not technologically challenged, you'll still receive a professional and powerful design for your sacred online space!

DIY Design saves you thousands of dollars & empowers you to build, launch, and scale a beautiful (and profitable!) website.

DIY like a boss.

In DIY Design, I start with a built-in Squarespace template and then customize it using special code and other add-ons for a one-of-a-kind work of art. Then I share my secrets with you.

This DIY Design is ideal for all experience levels—no Squarespace experience necessary! Your DIY Design bundle will include swipe code you can literally copy and paste along with step-by-step tutorials for how to build this design from scratch and how to customize it even further to match your own brand.

Your new designer website on Squarespace will be fully secure, responsive, and SEO-optimized. 

Squarespace Themes with Soul by Hillary Rain

DIY Design saves you thousands of dollars & empowers you with everything you need to build, launch, and scale a beautiful (and profitable) website.

I design websites that do 3 main things: inspire your readers to buy, share, and subscribe. In other words, to fall in love & become your raving clients, customers, friends and fans.

“I know I have thanked you for my website before, but I need you to know it has TRANSFORMED by business. Truly. I have more clients and opportunities for income and business growth than I have ever had and I feel like not only do others take me seriously but I take myself more seriously as a coach, supporter, teacher, etc. I’m proud to send people to my online home. I recently have been asked by a local business to start seeing clients in-person at their space, host workshops and plan retreats with the owner. She told me how much she loved my site and I really think it was a deciding factor for her when I approached her about offering a one-off workshop. I recently held a workshop over the weekend and one of the women who came immediately signed up to work with me on her health. She told me that as soon as she saw my site and my offerings she just knew she had to work with me! You are so mega talented and I just wanted to make sure you knew that. Thank you so, so much for all that you created for me. I’m so in love with it and you.”—Stephanie Masland

Abundance (Available Now!)

Abundance is for the creative entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in the world, create a sustainable living, and do what they love. There is a focus on beautiful images & evocative inspiration. This template is ideal for the multi-passionate boss babe. Through this template, design an experience through services, products and offerings that creates abundance for you & the ones you love.

Wanderess (Coming in March ... after I finish my taxes!)

Wanderess is for the lifestyle journalist, aka blogger, who wants to share her life experiences—along with that powerful eBook she wrote. Or her life-changing online course. (More details to come!) 

Wanderess and other designs will be released soon. I will announce when new designs are available for pre-order via email. All new designs will be available for a limited time at an incredible pre-order introductory price.


Want to know more? FAQS for your pleasure...

What is the difference between your designs?


Let's start with what they have in common:

All of my DIY Squarespace template themes are designed to be visually stunning and versatile. No matter which design you choose, you can add a shop for products or services, a blog for sharing your wisdom, and plenty of pages for all your needs. 

Delicious variety:

Aside from the actual appearance and creative style of each unique design, I build each theme with a primary intention. Actual features may overlap, but the purpose for the site guides the infrastructure. I plan to launch new designs once or twice per month and once I release future templates I will create a comprehensive comparison chart with further details, but you can read more about Abundance & Wanderess below...

About Abundance

Abundance is for the creative entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in the world, create a sustainable living, and do what they love. There is a focus on beautiful images & evocative inspiration. This template is ideal for the multi-passionate boss babe with an online course (or ten), coaching services, and more creative services than she can keep up with. Abundance is about creating an unforgettable online presence through an experience of beauty that is seen, felt, and can be brought to life for clients & friends.

Through this template, design an experience through services, products and offerings that creates abundance for you & the ones you love.

About Wanderess

Wanderess (coming in March) is for the free-spirited writer who loves to travel (via learning or location), experiment, and explore. There is focus on writing and words. This design is especially perfect for the writer with an eccentric and innovative approach to living—she might be nomadic, an introvert and highly-sensitive—and who is able to move others deeply through her stories because she knows what it's like to feel. Everything. Intensely. She observes life and pleasure and pain, and writes about it.

Through this design, flow with your words, share and connect with your readers, spread your message and tell your story. 

After I pay, what happens?

If you are pre-ordering a template that has yet to be released, on release day your files will be sent to the email address you used when making your purchase. If you are purchasing a template that has already been released, once you make your purchase, watch your email for a time-sensitive download link. Your files will contain everything you need, including tutorials, how-to, swipe code, and more! Just follow the steps and you will have a luscious new sacred online space.

If I purchase this, will you install it for me?

I've designed my templates to be very simple and intuitive, and I know you can DIY like a boss! However, if you want me to install it for you, I might be able to for an additional fee & depending on my calendar and some other details. Send me a quick note and I will get back to you.

What does DIY Design NOT include?

  • Your Squarespace plan, which is required for this design. However, you don't need to have it up front. If you're new to Squarespace, you can follow along my step-by-step tutorial to set up your account.
  • The actual custom font file(s) that I use, which are paid separately (usually from $2 to $20) to the designer and licensed just to you. However, I've included a link to purchase the font(s) and step-by-step installation instructions. You can use these steps to install any custom font you choose. 
  • This bundle does not include copy-writing or specific branding, logo or graphic design, custom domain, ongoing tech support, training, or maintenance.
  • A commercial license for redistribution or sharing. Please contact me for a developer license.
  • Espresso, puppies, or my actual hand to hold. But trust me...with my step-by-step tutorials, you won't need it!

My boss's dad's brother's girlfriend is a designer and she writes ALLL her code, then hosts it on a special framework. Why do you start with a template?

I believe in the power of great design. I believe that anyone with passion and desire should not be held back from launching their dreams. Customizing a built-in template allows me to focus on what I love most: creating beauty and the possibility of miracles for those who don't have the expertise or the budget for powerful, state-of-the-art web design.

Imagine baking a cake. You need ingredients and a recipe. But you also need pans and bowls and spoons to measure with. And an oven to bake it in. Imagine having to build your oven first, and then whittle out your bowl, carve a spoon, harvest your berries and milk your cow...all before you can even begin! I've chosen to use my energy and passion to focus on what I love most and making it wildly accessible to others. When I start with a template, it's like using the bowls, spoons, and measuring cups someone else already made so I can follow my joy: creating new recipes, modifying old ones, sourcing the most beautiful, high-quality ingredients, and then mixing, measuring and making something beautiful. 

I'm a designer / I am starting my own web design business. Can I use this for my own clients?

Thank you for asking! I heart you! Please get in touch about a developer license.

Why Squarespace?

This sophisticated platform is suitable for all your virtual needs, from a simple blog to a luxury online magazine to powerful commerce. Hosting is included, so you don't need a separate host account. Your site comes with a built-in SSL certificate for secure transactions, which, when enabled, also utilizes HTTP/2 which allows for faster loading times of images and other data. (Say goodbye to slooooow! I will also show you how to optimize your image files for faster delivery.) Squarespace is equipped to handle high-traffic without using up bandwidth, so you can scale without losing quality or speed.

I know you said Squarespace is sophisticated but I'm on Blogger and it's fine. Once I bought a Blogger template for five bucks. Why does yours cost more?

Before switching to Squarespace I used Blogger, too; sometimes I still do! Ultimately it will depend on your vision. Blogger was created for...blogging! (Who knew!) As a web designer for artists, mystics, mamas, boss babes, and other creative entrepreneurs, blogging is an important part of what my clients do, but there are so many other needs to consider. My templates take this into account.

Do you get money for using and recommending Squarespace?

No. I am not an affiliate for Squarespace. I wish! They used to have an affiliate program and I hope they bring it back. I use and recommend SS because it is awesome.

I am an affiliate for some of the other services I use and enjoy. I'll always disclose, so you can make informed choices. Being an affiliate helps me be able to offer services as sustainably as I can.

You sure I can do this?

Babe, I KNOW you can. Follow my simple tutorials and not only will you have a professional web design at a DIY price, your website will be responsive, SEO-optimized, and ready for success. 


Important notes & disclaimer—

The code, tutorials and designs I've created will only work in Squarespace. Do not purchase if you intend to use a different platform.

As customary with digital programs and services, due to the nature of this purchase there are no refunds. If you are not familiar with the Squarespace service, I encourage you to do your own unbiased research to decide whether or not this platform will work for you. Squarespace is a paid platform that I've used for years and recommend, but I offer no guarantees for the service and cannot be liable or responsible for your experience with it.

Other than being a satisfied customer, I am not affiliated with Squarespace in any way and the custom designs I've created are not reviewed or endorsed by Squarespace.

Want to know when new Squarespace templates are available? 


This sacred space was created with DIY Design