You can love your body. As-is.
Don't wait until you fit into your skinny jeans.



Inkstains & Alchemy: A Creative Approach to (Body) Love

This course is divided into 6 weeks, but I want you to take it at your own pace. Follow your intuition. Here is what to expect:

In the comfort of your home

Bursting with stories, creative prompts + field assignments. Go at your own pace. 

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Inkstains + Alchemy: A creative approach to body love


Fillable + printable creative journaling worksheets for each module.

A short preview of 30 Days of Healing Art created by Mandy Steward for Hillary Rain. Upon purchase of the Inkstains + Alchemy program, you will also receive this luscious free gift to download, print, and use throughout your journey.

A short preview of 30 Days of Healing Art created by Mandy Steward for Hillary Rain. Upon purchase of the Inkstains + Alchemy program, you will also receive this luscious free gift to download, print, and use throughout your journey.


Hating your body won't make you whole. You can't shame yourself into love.


As you begin the journey to loving your body as-is, you start with exploring your “as-is” truth. In this first module you will tenderly examine your storylines, your memories, and your holistic roots. The prompts and activities I provide are designed to stir your senses, awaken your body, and summon your truth. You will create a physical container for the work and gather tools + talismans for emotional and physical support. You will prepare a place of solace + safety and become your own compassionate witness.


The journey to loving your body requires a deep cleansing of any beliefs you hold that do not lead to love. Some of them are rooted so deep you don’t know where they came from. Don’t panic or get overwhelmed at the immensity of it all! Instead, life knows you are on this journey. Trust the organic way it unfolds. You don’t have to examine and uproot everything at once; instead, let them be revealed naturally to you. Your story is alive, ongoing, and loves you. This introspective module is about creating a fresh new language that shifts the way you think and speak about your body and yourself. Start where you are, right now, with your embodied presence.


If you are intimately experienced in the ways of shame, this module is waiting for you! Here you will create a nourishing environment of acceptance & lush compassion through seeing, literally, your Self as art. Art is evocative by nature. Asking “what moves me?” invites your body to pay attention to what wants to be sensed, explored, felt, invoked, or experienced. It’s a psychosomatic inquiry, bringing body and mind together so they can begin making peace with each other. In this section you will use breath, conscious awareness, creative reflection, journaling and self-portraits to witness your body. Along the way, explore the weight you carry, the sneaky roots of shame, and the unique elements that make you perfectly you. 


This module is about nourishing the temple of your body with delicious, inspiring food and joyful, holistic movement so you can deeply re-connect to her. The sacred arts of kitchen alchemy and movement practices are holy ways to nourish the living temple of your body—both are deeply sensual; one takes in and the other expresses. It is a sacred rhythm. It is art. It is worship, reverence, invocation. Both bring presence. Both are wild, lush embodiment. Here you will learn how to find what lights YOU up and brings joy.


For most of us, dressing our bodies is not a simple art! Whether you are a plus-sized woman, a curvy girl, or a slender person who feels as if you have no shape, finding your perfect style can be an immense challenge. This might sound impossible right now, but I believe that the best clothes for you are the ones where you feel so at home, you actually forget about them! That is the secret of true, authentic and effortless style. When your outer expressions reveal your inner truth, your soul will love the congruence she finds and you will feel deeper peace. You’re no longer self-conscious because you have no need to be. You are already home. This module is about clearing the spaces around you and adorning your body as an altar through clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics. (Also features a unique field assignment that will help resolve your clothing issues forever!)


No matter how it feels, your body is not your enemy. In this closing module you will be guided to create a blessing for your body and gather the support you need so that, going forward, you will be empowered to stay with yourself in a space of permission, freedom, acceptance and love. What happens when you still have “fat days?” How do you pick back up after a spiral through depression, or shame, heartache or discouragement? Explore ways to be your own advocate, your own ally, and your own beautiful support.


  • Creative & introspective prompts to lead you deep into your body stories
  • Fierce & gentle truth to heal, inspire and nourish you
  • Exciting, unconventional field assignments so you can deeply connect (or reconnect) with your body
  • A practical, easy-to-follow 6-week format to help you process & assimilate the material

Ready to say yes to love?

Inkstains & Alchemy
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What others are saying about
Inkstains & Alchemy—

“I was so blown away by the love. The generous lessons and all of the true care I know went into each one. I loved opening the lessons and seeing the assignments. I also loved how you revealed so much about yourself and how you shared some of your history. I like an instructor who is “in it,” not just doling out information. I’m also over the moon that you shared your essential oil blend! This felt like receiving gold. I have never taken a course with so much love written into exercises that are not soft and easy. I am also being gentle now...softer to my body. You went out of your way to connect with everyone who chose to share and I appreciate this.” —Laura M.D.
“I just wanted to thank you again for your class and our mentorship call. They really laid a strong foundation for growth during my retreats. I feel fresh, new, energized and in a great peace. My art camp gave me a chance to try on my new story (the truth about my childhood and my personal body beliefs). It is so clear to me that because of your class, especially the mirror exercise, that the answers were no longer just talk. The self love has taken hold in my heart has opened me up to the truth and has diffused the lies and the scared feelings of “not enoughness” inside. For the first time I felt no self loathing. All I felt was love, compassion, calmness and strength. My mind, body and soul are finally aligned. Blessings...true blessings to you. Thank you.” —Lauren L.
“Hillary!! You rock and this class rocked!! I feel better about my body image since this class. Your words are lush, vibrant and juicy. We are what we consume, including words, and feasting on this beautiful selection of truth-telling has filled me up.” —Laura B

“I truly appreciated how you incorporated the whole body into the course. Though I too am a lush woman, I am also infertile and that has proved more a struggle than my body size. I am leaning into creativity and “birthing” in other ways of my life.” —Brandi


I know what it's like to live in a body you've not always loved. I also know you can start loving your body NOW. Don't wait until you lose 50 pounds. Let me help you.

I've been overweight most of my life. As a plus-size woman, I know what it's like to live in a body with pain. I've sat in dressing rooms, red-faced and hot, and cried. I've clung to rails in public trying to catch my breath. Open stares? Rude comments? The “I'm just concerned about your health” conversations? I've heard them all.

Regardless of your wellness goals, there is something you need to know...

You are worthy of love.


Anger won't heal the ache. Ignoring your needs won't sculpt your thighs. Rejection, disgust, and self-neglect won't heal you.


Inkstains + Alchemy: a creative approach to body love is a program that will guide you into a peaceful relationship with your body. Whether you need to lose weight, gain weight, have surgery, or any other physical transformation, I use language that is fluid enough to bring your own story to it. If you live with a chronic illness or disability that cannot be changed, I will help you find a whole and loving perspective. You will learn how to heal. You will learn how to become free from shame—for good. You will learn new ways of thinking to support you as you continue your wellness journey, and I will show you how to accept yourself with pure compassion and gentle love. 

You can't shame your body into love.

Inkstains & Alchemy
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