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For deep conversations held in the holy-hush of dark.

Join me for a new experiment. Late night. No glamour, just honest conversation.

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Abby Buchanan

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I'm excited to welcome my first guest, Abby Buchanan, as we talk about body acceptance, using Core Desired Feelings as a spiritual practice and compass, and answer your questions. 


Abby is a licensed Desire Map Guide who facilitates individual and group experiences. She has been a licensed Massage and Sound Therapist since 1999 and is the co-founder of a wellness practice in Portland, OR called Veda Collective. 

Visit Abby · The Luminous Wild · @TheLuminousWild


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About Late Night Conversations...


Me, my featured guests, and hopefully... YOU! 


An experiment. Conversations about creativity, Spirit & spirituality, entrepreneurship, vulnerability, imperfection, the body, money, life and all the things that matter. (Except politics.) My guest & I will invite you to send in your questions and we will answer them during our call. You can do this by hitting “reply” to an email I'll send you a few days before we talk. 


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I'm not being a perfectionist about this. I love you, but I'm not getting dressed up for you. And I hope you don't, either. I'm keeping this simple and relaxed. Messy bun, messy house. Candlelight, so the video will probably be grainy, too. This isn't about being polished and offering a presentation—it's about showing up: where I am with what I have, and holding honest conversation. 


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