I am so pleased to present my first, and as I laughingly say, perhaps my *only* Late Night Conversation! 

So many jewels of wisdom come within intimate and honest dialogue. As I am trying to step outside of my comfort zone even more this year, I could think of no better way than to show up “as is” and hold a meaningful exchange with someone else—and then to share it publicly. Not as a sleek presentation, but in the spirit of gathering in a living room somewhere and opening our hearts.

Even as I write this I'm feeling a bit of what Brene Brown calls “vulnerability hangover.” My shy is showing. There's a good reason why writing & photography are my preferred paths of creativity. How many times have I backspaced through sentences in the last ten minutes? Chosen a different word? Something I can't necessarily do in a recorded dialogue. And yet, as I re-listen to my conversation with Abby, I can't help but feel so blessed to have connected this way. And to talk about something as tender as the body & the feelings and sacred practices that can guide us.

Abby is the perfect one to have joined me for this first episode. Her grace and wisdom meant so much to me as we connected, and I know you will love hearing her heart. 

Please enjoy our conversation!

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Abby Buchanan is a licensed Desire Map Guide who facilitates individual and group experiences. She has been a licensed Massage and Sound Therapist since 1999 and is the co-founder of a wellness practice in Portland, OR called Veda Collective. 

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