Hello, beauty!

Welcome! So, I want to talk about emails. (It's not boring. I promise.)

Thank you for saying YES to my love list! I'm a hearty supporter of keeping a relevant inbox, so any time you need to curate your space, you can easily unsubscribe at the bottom of every email.

That being said, I write the kind of emails I want to receive. I say they are “emails you'll actually love,” because my hope is that no matter what you find some morsel of nourishment tucked within the lines. I write as if we were sharing a conversation over coffee. I share stories from my life which include my experiments as a creative entrepreneur, the beauty I'm finding, the mysteries that enchant me. I share things I love or am wondering about, and I talk about the things I make and sell.

This means you'll receive a little bit of everything from me. In the past, I've tried streamlining and keep it all completely separate...my thoughts here, my shop updates over here, my personal news to this group, my philosophical meanderings to that group, my incense, oils, and courses to these over here...

And what happened is that I felt so disjointed, pulling apart the strands that make me me. The truth is, I'm bringing myself. And I am someone who longs to make a difference in the world as she makes her life a work of art. I desire to create a sustainable and beautiful life for myself and others through the words I write, the way I understand things, and my creative offerings. I endeavor to infuse my soul into everything I do, whether I'm telling you about my Coffee, Incense, Books & Rain shirts or whether I'm holding a giveaway, or talking about self-care or writing about grief. It is all contained within me and so I've done what I can to bring everything together into one beautiful, heart-soaked place. 

I think sometimes we forget—okay, me. Sometimes I've forgotten that there is a real person on the other side of the screen. Real eyeballs on my words. We're both real. We are miracles. And by saying yes, you've given me part of your most valuable resource: your time. Your attention.

I don't want to waste it! 

So this means two things: 1) everything I send comes with an intention to offer encouragement, illumination, transcendence, possibility or resonance. In other words, LIFE. I want to be a bearer of life. 2) The second I cease doing that for you, please remove me from your inbox. Your life is precious. Your time is valuable. And this includes whose emails you take the time to read. I don't want mine getting in the way of your beautiful living.

So with all that being said, I'm really glad you're here. :)