Show me your unconventional beauty and your evocative truth.


©Hillary Rain

©Hillary Rain

I am entranced by quiet light, mystery, and the secret soul of Woman.

My name is Hillary Rain and I offer intuitive portrait sessions for artists, writers, poets and mystics. I am here to witness you. To hold and behold, with my soul and my lens, your resonance, your deep and gleaming beauty, and your evocative truth. In these sessions, I encourage you to become present to all that wants to be felt ad embodied through you—sorrow, enchantment, rage, peace, curiosity, aliveness, lament, secrets, and more.

I love the paradox of my work, because so much is revealed while so many worlds remain hidden, cloaked in the ever-eternal breathstream of your soul.

My relationship with photography is deeply felt and held within my body. I always identified first as a writer and then, several years ago, went through a profound spiritual experience which left me at a loss for and stumbling for words.

My camera became a way to feel, embody and express everything I did not have language for, a way to sojourn through a labyrinth in search of my truth while carting along my obsession with embodying a meaningful life. I will weep rain-drop-sized tears over a moving photo—one I’ve taken or one I witness—and this sense of being so moved in my body, my spirit and my soul is what I bring to you. 

If you choose to book a session with me, I simply ask for your openness. We are co-creating art. You are sacred space and I am a midwife for this life being born, however mysterious and glimmering. I honor this holy work. Please be open to the magic. Release any expectations because you, wild one, are uncontainable.

Note: currently booked. 

©Hillary Rain

©Hillary Rain

The Violet Hours

A photography experience with Hillary Rain.

While I shoot both in color and black & white, the moody art of black and white photography has my heart. It invokes light and shadow in a way that holds both illumination and mystery within perfect paradox. Because it creates an entirely new story, many of your final images will come in black and white.

I do not have a studio. Depending on your needs, I will come to you and travel expenses will be included with the investment for your session. If you come to me, I can suggest luscious accommodations where you can rest and prepare yourself for our experience. And then I will drive you to the location(s) for our shoot.

I use natural light only—no flash, which means we will either be in rooms with lush windows or become skin-to-soul with nature. I love liminal spaces, which means we will often find ourselves on the edges of the day...soft blushing pre-dawn, amber golden evening light or in the holy hush of the violet hours. Perhaps we will be softly baptized in gently falling rain. Nature and the spaces that find us are part of your story. I love to explore and our adventures could take us from a forest to a cemetery to a ramshackle house to a secret garden to an alleyway to...


Let me see you, love.

After I receive your inquiry, I will reach out to you for any additional details and provide a quote. A 50% deposit is required to secure your spot. Additional details will be included in the contract I will email you. Once you add your virtual signature and return it to me, you will receive a luscious guide I've created to help you prepare for this experience.

Note: at this time I do not photograph weddings, traditional headshots or conventional models. 

Currently I am booked; however, feel free to reach out via the form below and I will consult my calendar and let you know my next availability.

©Hillary Rain

©Hillary Rain

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