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As much as you love your iPhone, there’s always a new one around the corner. Apple releases new models every year, and sooner or later, even if you keep updating the iOS, your device starts feeling antiquated. Goodbye old iPhone, hello shiny all singing, all dancing new model!

In today”s world, yesterday”s methods just don”t work. In Getting Things Done, veteran coach and management consultant David Allen shares the breakthrough methods for stress-free performance that he has introduced to tens of thousands of people across the country. 如今新入坑 Mac 平台的同学越来越多,然后你会发现与 Windows 生态不一样的是,macOS 上有着非常多制作用心设计精致的优秀 APP 应用,但大多都是要付费的。所以如果想让 Mac 在工作和生活上面面俱到,固然要花不少钱购买大量的软件。当然,你可以关注异次元上的各种正版优惠、正版促销包以及 APP. At first glance, there seems no way to unclutter the menu by reducing the number of folders, deleting shortcuts, or moving shortcuts into different folders. Mac OS X Turns 20: A Look Back at. Would-be enchanters in Elder Scrolls Online need to find three different types of runes: Aspect, Potency, and Essence. Aspect runes govern what rarity the resulting glyph will be: base, fine, superior, etc. Potency runes are just like they sound – the more powerful a Potency rune, the better the resulting glyph will be. See what you need (and nothing more) Home gives you instant access to your most relevant content. Your important notes, tags, and shortcuts are ready and waiting when you open Evernote, making Home the fastest way to get to the things that matter to you.

But before you sign a new phone contract or order the latest iPhone online, it’s worth checking the ways to transfer photos and other data to your new phone. We covered the three most commonly used methods to move your pics from one iPhone to another.

How you can transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone:

  1. Move all data using an iCloud backup
  2. Transfer all data, including photos, using iTunes
  3. AirDrop just the photos you want

The first two ways work best for when you’re trying to transfer your whole iPhone to a new one. You’ll copy everything you have on your old device, so that all photos and contacts are intact and ready to use on your new iPhone. AirDrop is a better choice when all you need to transfer from iPhone to iPhone is photos — like sharing a group pic with all your friends who are in it.

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Before you start the iPhone transfer


If you’re like most people, you have thousands of photos on your iPhone. Before you transfer them all, make sure you’re moving the pics you actually need — not dumping useless clutter on your brand new iPhone. Download a photo gallery cleaner like Gemini Photos: it will help you get rid of multiple similar selfies and old screenshots you forgot to delete.

Method 1. Transfer data to a new iPhone using iCloud

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iCloud is one of the most effective methods to transfer data from one iPhone to another — or from any iOS or macOS device to another, for that matter. Both devices need to have iCloud enabled, using the same Apple ID.

To get started, set up an iCloud backup on your old iPhone :

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click the Apple ID banner at the top of the settings list
  3. Tap iCloud
  4. Scroll down to iCloud Backup
  5. Tap Back Up Now
  6. Wait for the backup to finish
  7. Switch off your old iPhone and remove the SIM card

Make sure your old iPhone is off. Now start setting up your new iPhone:

  1. Insert your SIM in the new iPhone
  2. Switch on your new phone
  3. Slide or press the Home button and follow the setup instructions
  4. Make sure the device is connected to WiFi
  5. Now tap the Restore from iCloud Backup option (part of the setup process)
  6. Sign in using your Apple ID
  7. Tap Next, then Agree (you may be asked this more than once)
  8. Choose the most recent backup. This will restore your new iPhone with everything that was on your old iPhone at the time of that backup, including every image and photo you want to transfer.

This process may take a while, and your iPhone could get warm as it’s absorbing all the apps, messages, photos, and videos. Don’t worry, once this process is complete, everything will work the way it did on your old iPhone — except with the benefits of this newer, faster, more modern device.

Method 2. Transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes

On any iOS device running iOS 11 or later, there is an even quicker way to set up a new iPhone and transfer all the data. Both devices need to be switched on and placed next to one another during the transfer.

Before going ahead with this, you’ll need to make an iTunes backup. Apps, messages, videos, pictures, games — you name it, iTunes can back it up. Follow the steps in this guide to backing up an iPhone to a computer to get it done safely and quickly.


Now, here’s how you can move your pictures, apps, and everything else using automatic setup and an iTunes backup:

  1. Insert your SIM in your new iPhone and switch on the device
  2. Slide or press the Home button and follow the setup instructions
  3. A moving image will appear on the Home screen of your new iPhone
  4. Scan that image with your old iPhone (it can take a few minutes)
  5. Enter your current passcode on the new iPhone
  6. Follow the prompts and set up Touch ID on your new iPhone
  7. When presented with several Restore Your Apps & Data options, select Restore from iTunes Backup

With that done, you can switch off your old iPhone or restore it to factory settings. Everything should be safely moved to your new iPhone.

Method 3. AirDrop photos from iPhone to iPhone

Now, sometimes you all you want to transfer to your new iPhone is the photos, and other times you just need to share a few pics with a friend who also has an iPhone. Here’s how you use AirDrop on both phones to transfer pictures and videos over:

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  1. On your new iPhone, go to Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Scroll to AirDrop
  4. Set it to Everyone to receive an AirDrop from any iOS device
  5. Now go to the Photos app on your old iPhone
  6. Select the photos you want to transfer, then tap the Share button
  7. You’ll see devices available via AirDrop below the photos and above the rest of sharing options. Your new iPhone should show up here.
  8. Tap on the name of your new iPhone
  9. Back on the new iPhone, press Accept to let the photos transfer from your old iPhone to the new one

The photos will land in your Photos library on the new phone. When it’s done, you can delete everything off the old iPhone.

Whichever method you choose, Apple made it easy to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone and start using your shiny new phone right away. And if you”d also like to have your photos stored on your laptop, here”s how to move photos from an iPhone to a Mac. But wherever you”re moving your photo library, make sure to unclutter before the transfer.

Crafting in Elder Scrolls Online can be a little daunting. There are 6 professions, each with their own unique resources to gather. And while some professions have recipes, enchanting and alchemy leave it up to the player to find out combinations. Enchanting in ESO can be more confusing than alchemy, as players need to gather three different types of runestones and combine them in certain ways to make enchanting glyphs. And it seems that lately, trying to craft trifling glyphs of Magika, Stamina, and Health in ESO is giving players trouble.

Would-be enchanters in Elder Scrolls Online need to find three different types of runes: Aspect, Potency, and Essence. Aspect runes govern what rarity the resulting glyph will be: base, fine, superior, etc. Potency runes are just like they sound — the more powerful a Potency rune, the better the resulting glyph will be. Finally, Essence runes determine the type of enchantment the glyph will be, and which item the glyph can enchant: frost damage on a weapon, health increase on armor, fire resistance, magicka regeneration, etc. How these runes affect the player depends on which item they enchant.

This is skipping ahead a bit, but it’s worth noting now, as it’s not clear in the game. Once you make a glyph, it just sits in your inventory. To actually enchant a piece of armor or weapon, you need to right-click (on PC) the item you want to enchant, and select “enchant” from the drop-down menu. The game will then display a selection menu with glyphs you can use to enchant that item. Click on the glyph you want, and you’re good to go!

Resource Gathering For Glyphs in ESO

The most time-intensive part of crafting is resource gathering. As you venture out into Elder Scrolls Online’s open world, you’ll find glowing stones that look like this:

You can safely ignore the text on that image; it’s woefully outdated, as are some of the guides and wiki entries you’ll find on enchanting in Elder Scrolls Online. Runestones out in the wild are no longer divided between Aspect, Potency, and Essence — each runestone you gather has a chance for any of the types, and you’ll usually gather two runes.

There are quite a few guides on YouTube that talk about the “best” farming location for runestones. I’ve found that the best way to get runestones is to find your own route around an area you know well. To make sure you don’t miss runestones that are cleverly placed around the world, I highly recommend the HarvestMap addon, which will display resources – including runestones – on your map. You’ll have to tell the addon not to display every single type of resource to unclutter your map, but it’s worth it.

If you find yourself with a ton of Essence and Potency runes, and very few Aspect runes, you can always buy the runes you’re missing from the Enchanter that stands near enchanting stations. These runes will always be white quality, so you won’t be able to do this with anything but the lowest-quality runes — but it helps when you’re just starting and really need a particular rune. To find the Enchanter, and his station, simply look for the crystal symbol on your map, usually within a city or stronghold.

Crafting Glyphs in ESO

Now that you’ve gathered the runes you need to make a glyph, head to an enchanting station. Actually crafting the glyph at the enchanting station gives you three blank spaces to place runes, with spots for the Aspect, Essence, and Potency runes. There’s no hand-holding here, so if you place runes that don’t work together, you won’t get a glyph.

Here’s the recipes for Trifling Glyphs of Health, Stamina, and Magicka:

Trifling Glyph of Health: Jora, Oko, Ta

Trifling Glyph of Stamina: Jora, Deni, Ta

Trifling Glyph of Magicka: Jora, Makko, Ta Boot usb software.

The Jora rune means the glyphs are of Trifling quality, and the Ta rune means they’re white runes (which also governs quality, really). Oko, Deni, and Makko each give a boost to one of your character’s three main stats. Simple, right?

Now, you can remember these combinations, or write them down, but you don’t want to use Trifling Glyphs forever! My last piece of advice is to get the Enchant Maker addon, which streamlines the enchanting process by giving you the “recipes” for glyphs. All you need to do is tell the addon what glyph you’re trying to make, and it tells you what three runes you need to make it.

There you have it! You”re now ready to craft basic enchanting glyphs to help enhance your character”s three main stats! Know any more tips and tricks to gathering runestones and crafting glyphs in Elder Scrolls Online, or want more guides like this? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to check out the rest of our ESO guides for more help as you venture all over Tamriel.

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[images courtesy Zenimax Online Studios and Bethesda Softworks, LLC]