Shame is about fear, blame, and disconnection. Story is about worthiness and embracing the imperfections that bring us courage, compassion, and connection. If we want to live fully, without the constant fear of not being enough, we have to own our story...we don’t need love and belonging and story-catching from everyone in our lives, but we need it from at least one person.
— Brene Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection
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 I am light. I love light. But I am not a light-worker. 

At least in the contemporary sense of the term. Instead, I work with the dark—those elements I call the dark guides: shame, fear, scarcity. Together we will bring them to the light so you can own your wholeness, enoughness and unconventional beauty.


Hi, sweet love. My name is Hillary Rain and I am here to help you own, and heal, your story.

Because I also want you to own your wholeness and unconventional beauty. This is the kind of beauty that comes through the very things you've always run from—your imperfections, your hunger for acceptance and approval, the stories that keep you silent and hide the light of your soul. The stories that say there's not enough—not enough money, time, space, or love. The stories that say who am I to have the business or life of my dreams? The stories that keep you up at night. 

I hold space for it all—the lush light and the shadows. The unanswerable questions and piercing illuminations. I'm intimately familiar with the dark night of the soul, and if you're there, I will go there with you. I also know that not everything can be wrapped up with pat answers and pretty bows. The journey through dark and light is where you and I will connect—and we will look for Truth in even the darkest place.

As a certified holistic life coach I am here to hold space for you. As a spirit-led mentor for women, I offer sacred witness and support during a tender season in your life. But to be honest, I'm tired of coachy language. I offer warmth. Sister-like connection. My clients feel like friends... with the added benefits of objectivity, confidentiality, and more. 

You long for more. You crave a meaningful life of devotion and joy. You want to make a difference. You want to embrace, express, and experience all the beauty you know life holds. 


Let's make your life a work of art. 

So let's go deep. Let's create a healing blueprint for your life, your spirituality or your creativity, and gently move through all the protective layers you've wrapped around what you long for most. Let's summon your heart. 

Whether we connect once a week or once a month, I will listen without judgment and ask deep, heart-opening questions. You will receive the loving, compassionate guidance of someone who has been there or who can provide a fresh, life-giving perspective. When we meet (over Skype or on the phone) you will feel safe. Comfortable. Heard. Through unique (and sometimes unconventional!) creative invitations, you will awaken to the wisdom already within you. 

Are you...

  • highly-sensitive?
  • frequently overwhelmed?
  • longing for a peaceful relationship with your body?
  • dreaming up a soulful business or just getting started with as a creative entrepreneur and need strategy, clarity, and focus?
  • experiencing a dark night of the soul?
  • longing to live a rich, meaningful and fulfilling life?
  • healing from an unconventional religious past?

Explore my available offerings below and choose the one you long for most.

Then let's have conversations that set you free.

Breathe: The Alchemy Sessions

Transformation through belief, resonance, energy, alchemy, truth, healing & empowerment.

Quiet Light—one listening and love session

First, I'll send you an in-depth form featuring a series of beautiful, heart-opening questions. And then we will have a simple phone conversation where you will feel seen, nourished, and encouraged. Let me listen to your heart.

Labyrinth—a tender soul journey

For deep soul-witness and life-support. Receive intuitive guidance, creative assignments, and more. Includes a personalized soul-work-book (digital) for ongoing soul-care that you can write in and print. 

Into the Deep—an immersive, six-month experience

Let's go deep. A six-month program for intimate, ongoing connection and a client portal for private recordings. Together we'll create a blueprint to help you achieve your goals. Featuring additional support between sessions.

“Luscious Beauty. Evocative Truth. Sacred Artist. Holy Creatrix. These are the words that come to mind when I sink into the essence of Hillary Rain and her work. Everything Hillary creates feel sacred. Like she's birthed it from her soul. And being on the receiving end of her creations feels like receiving a true gift. Hillary's work connects me to the beauty that exists within me and all around me. She has helped me to reclaim myself as an artist and to bring art and beauty into all areas of my life, from my business, to my spiritual practice and my relationships. In her presence you feel both incredibly nurtured and lovingly challenged to go into the depths of yourself—both the light and the dark. Hillary is a soulful and creative person's inspiration.” —Layla Saad

“Connecting with Hillary came at a time in my life (and business) that I was looking for spiritual guidance to live a deeper, more meaningful, creative, and feminine life. I was in need of someone to help me understand my own story better, that would help me to show up fully in the world, so that I could enjoy my life and work without fears, doubts, or guilt. And that is exactly what I got out of my time with Hillary. I came to our session without really knowing what to expect, but with a lot of questions and uncertainties. Hillary created a beautiful space for me, and worked as a guiding light to help me find more clarity, and see things from a different perspective. I absolutely loved the peacefulness that she created for me, and I felt understood, and loved. After our session Hillary send me a workbook, and a summary of what we had talked about with some additional prompts, and activities. This helped me to get going and really made a difference. I loved everything about it. Thank you Hillary!” —Murielle Ungricht

“Hillary Rain exudes grace and authenticity in every interaction. Her unconditional support & tender guidance helped me bring deep & soul-full intention to all areas of my life. Where I felt I was lacking, she encouraged me & built me up. Her ability to provide insight & steps for subsequent actions helped me create a more beautiful life. Hillary made exploring & utilizing my creativity a truly decadent experience. She brings a magnificent sense of wonder & compassion to any situation you may face. Whether you are ready to jump right in & get started, or need someone to help excavate your dreams, working with Hillary will infuse you with Life. ” —Cassie A.

“You and the work changed me forever. At the time it was an AHA! I sat with it and worked on nourishing my soul and gave my physical body-obsession a vacation. As I nourished my soul, something definitely shifted big time…I mean BIG time. So now I sit in the practice of life with such gratitude that my body gifted back to the universe 30 lbs. and is still giving. When I look back at the pictures I took during our work together, I see my beauty was always there. Some of them are my favorite pictures of myself ever.” ——Lauren Lebovitz 

“I began my journey with Hillary Rain because I decided to listen to my soul and begin a new business — the biz of my dreams. I felt like I needed a little more guidance, I needed someone to hold up a mirror and show me that I had the magic within to leap. Rain made me feel at home. Our sessions felt like talking to a best friend. After our very first call, I found confidence and clarity. After our fourth call? I was filling my calendar with clients and manifesting magic. I would not be where I am today without her magic.” —Heather Mattern, author

“I have grown creatively through this process of creating Annapurna Living ... this growth comes in a large part because of your support and mentorship. You have changed my life; you have held my hand and lifted me up as I have walked through the unknown door of my soul and creativity. Annapurna Living and your beauty-ness of all things kind and sacred have given me the biggest gift. I am grateful and humbled every day to work with you and to call you my friend.” —Carrie-Anne Moss, actress



FAQs and other things...

I am a Certified Holistic Life Coach. A creative & Spirit-led mentor here to hold a light and offer support as you create your path of transformation.

I'll share my objective perspective. I'll show you what I see and help you create the conditions you need for the transformation you're desperate for. I work especially well with women who...

  • Are dreaming up and just getting started with their creative, service-based business
  • Know there's more to life than rush hour and cell-phone bills, but don't know how to find fulfillment and freedom
  • Have come from a challenging spiritual background, moved through the necessary process of reactivity, and are navigating a re-approach to faith
  • Long for a peaceful relationship with their bodies

The difference between my coaching packages—

When you join Into the Deep, my immersive 6-month program, you will receive 2 one-hour sessions a month for a total of 6 months & 12 sessions. If we meet on Skype, these sessions will be recorded and uploaded to a private, password-protected client portal. I am available between calls for additional support via voice memo, texts or email—whatever works best for us. I will also provide intuitive guidance, creative assignments tailored to your needs, and any additional resources you need such as worksheets, recommended reading, and more. This is my deepest, most-up-close program. 

The Labyrinth is a 90-minute conversation followed by a personalized fillable + printable workbook just for you for ongoing self-support at home. Think of it as a powerful one-on-one coaching session followed by a tailored, self-guided course created specifically for you. 

Quiet Light is designed for those who need immediate guidance without committing to ongoing mentorship. This is one 60-minute phone conversation that features compassionate listening and guidance for an immediate next step. Does not include follow-up support. A simple and affordable offering for those who need encouragement, a brainstorming session, or some practical direction.

About the personalized workbook that comes with my Labyrinth experience

During our conversation I will be taking detailed notes. From these notes and our call, I will create an inspiring workbook just for you featuring journaling questions, creative prompts, and more based on your personal needs. You can download this exclusive-to-you workbook, type your answers into the spaces and print it. It will provide ongoing support and soul-care for you that is tailored to your unique situation.

About my 6-month program, Into the Deep

This is designed for those who long for deep transformation—a reinvention, a return to the roots, a wild change. We will gather twice a month for one-hour conversations designed to meet you where you are and hold the light as you journey towards where you want to be. Receive intuitive guidance, creative assignments, brainstorming sessions, reading assignments and worksheets as needed, and more within a compassionate space of warmth and love. Between calls I am available for voice memo and text or email support. This means you are welcome to connect regarding something we spoke about in our call, or to share a breakthrough, or to request feedback on an assignment. 

Clients-who-feel-like-friends is a business model I love.

I want us both to feel comfortable and cozy, to connect well, and most of all, for YOU to receive the care and guidance you deserve. Your time and resources are valuable to me, so if I feel like I am not the best mentor to help you achieve the results you desire, I will be honest and upfront so you can find a coach more suitable for your unique needs. 

This means that once you purchase your sessions, if you have not done so I will invite you to answer a series of beautiful, heart-opening questions. Please complete these questions within 48 hours. Then, upon review, if I find that I am not the one most suited for your soul care, I will refund you 100%. Otherwise, I will joyfully accept you as a client and we will work on arranging our first meeting.

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“Hillary Rain and all that she touches is poetry in form and function. With smoldering tenderness, she revives the spaces of one’s soul to their full succulence and holds space for transformation in reverence. She is the soft haze of familiar surroundings upon first morning sight; the fervent hush before a storm. In the still and the fury of life’s tempests she is both witness and participant. Whatever tendril of her lush soul she may share with the world, you can trust that I will be there admiring it in subliminal awe. I urge you to let her be your breath after a long pause.”
— Valerie Ann

Money, honey...

Prices and packages are subject to change without notice. Once I have accepted a client, there are no refunds. Please purchase mindfully. Follow your heart & intuition. Say a prayer of inquiry. Wait for clarity. I want you to be ready and open to all the possibility and lush potential of your soul-led life. 

What's next...

Mentorship sessions are cozy, intimate, and intense. Expect to go deep. Expect heart-expansion. Expect miracles. Once you make your purchase, I will invite you to answer a series of rich questions that will give me insight into how I can support you. (You should hear from me within 24 hours.) Then, upon reviewing your answers, if I find that I am not the one most suited for your soul care, I will refund you 100%. Otherwise, I will joyfully accept you as a client and we will work on arranging our first meeting.

One day when you wake up, you will find that you have become a forest. You have grown roots and found strength in them that no one thought you had. You have become stronger and more beautiful, full of life giving qualities. You have learned to take all the negativity around you and turn it into oxygen for easy breathing. A host of wild creatures live inside you and you call them stories. A variety of beautiful birds rest inside your mind and you call them memories. You have become an incredible self sustaining thing of epic proportions. And you should be so proud of yourself, of how far you have come from the seeds of who you used to be.
— Nikita Gill, You Have Become a Forest

Just breathe.

Transformation through: Belief. Resonance. Energy. Alchemy. Truth. Healing. Empowerment.


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